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POST ON 06.7.2013


First bad news, this is the last day and the last blog of this 30th edition of the Belluard Bollwerk festival. Second bad news, we had no cookers group today, at the Do-it-yourself. In fact, there was a group of eleven people who booked the kitchainettes but they didn’t understand that they had to cook their own dish from the surprise basket and they decided to eat at the Ready-made. Tonight the Kitchain cooking team proposed belgian dishes… Fries and waffel.. it’s difficult to complain. A big thanks to all for their job during the whole festival. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Everyone who worked to make this festival happen and be so unique, diserve a huge thanks!

It brings us to the last, but not least, bad news. Sally is leaving  us for others adventures and challenges. Thank you for what you brought to this festival. We will miss you! Farewell!

To finish the Kitchain blog of this year we want to propose you a vision of the dresscode noticeable during this last day.

Masters of cocktails and ambiance tonight: L’Ancienne Gare with  a special guest, Mzelle Charlotte


The sexiest barmaid ever!

Glam rock forever!

She doesn’t like to be on picture.. we don’t know why..

This time Mohammed is not behind the camera.

Gionny Caisse

Cosmic-dressed Laure.

Mathias the leather barman.


The Dj and his groupie.

Günther found a girlfriend!

We hope to see you next year!

Kitchain Tree

POST ON 05.7.2013


The nice weather is back and everyone wanted to stay outide to enjoy the sun, anyway six people came to cook inside.

Günther feels a little lonely behind the bar.

So he comes outside to meet the people.

Today a special vegetarian basket was waiting for the cookers and they had no regrets not eat meat, quite the contrary, even more so it was their choice.

The proof that the men can cook.

For the great pleasure of women.

The team of Fri-Son was ready to make drink and dance the audiance.

When the barmen enjoy their own cocktail, it’s a good sign, isn’t it?


The boats keep on sinking.

An artwork of Magritte… Gil Magritte!

For the last day of the festival there two kitchainettes free.

Book, come, cook and enjoy!

See you tomorrow!

Kitchain way

POST ON 05.7.2013


Today, the first vegetarian group came to cook the myterious ingredients of the surprise basket.

In this blog, a picture of the cookers of the kitchain do-it-yourself watching the blog of Kitchain. The circle of Kitchain..

The weapon used in the murder of this salad has been found. Let’s call the forensics.

The second group was Carnivore and didn’t let no chance to the poor animal living in the basket, like a pack of lions with an innocent antelope.

What is doing a carton of cream in an antelope?

Le Nouveau Monde was cocktails and music provider. The whole Kitchain was in festive, groovy… and safe energy.

Against alcohol abuse the police ensures with their sparkling uniforms. Thieves won’t have no chance.. and they seem quite happy.

By the way, a big applause and thanx to Annick and her technic dream team. Without them it wouldn’t been possible to cook and enjoy the Kitchain, to perform and enjoy the shows, to see, listen to and enjoy the festival.

Efficient and handsome… more would be too much!


Watch out! a grape can be dangerous, you must handle it with care!

Brothers relationship

Guess what! we will be there tomorrow.. waiting for you.

Bellu Run

POST ON 03.7.2013


Today, as the Kitchain main dish was salmon we decided to take pictures with a fisheye objective and with the water falling from the sky, the scene was even more realist.

The belgian Kitchain team at work

One or two drops of rain… so what!

Nevertheless, the festival must go on and four people came to cook.

Don’t you want to join?

Hurry! they will eat everything… too late…

While the artists of Watch & Talk were doing cocktail and playing music

Watch them to talk about cocktail… and taste it !

Maybe you prefer mixed sound than mixed liquids.


That is the question!

So what…

See you tomorrow!

The Kitchain Laboratory

POST ON 02.7.2013


After a daybreak we are back at the Kitchain with a group of eight cookers. They used the two kitchainettes to express their cooking skills.

This wasn’t a cooking workshop, but just a  big group and everyone put the hands into the pans.

It was an international Kitchainette because the group was composed with french learning students.

No misunderstanding and a lot of pleasure.

To share a meal together is a part of the secret of communication.

There are almost no language mistakes with full mouth.


This book is really great!

On Thursday the kichainettes are full, but there are still free places on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


Tchô bone !!

Do’s & Dont’s at the Kitchain

POST ON 30.6.2013


Today the sun came back and brought the second group of cookers. Who were very attentive to make the best dish as possible.

Everything was consciously tasted.

To enjoy a nice time with friends, feeling at home in the middle of the festival.

To eat and laugh at the same time could be dangerous, but at the kitchainettes everything is possible.

And with grooving atmosphere of Goton le Cool, the meal was even more pleasant.

DJ at Wok!

After a good dinner what’s better than a good concert?

Thank you Alys Hubek!


A nice maïzena mask done at the Domestic Science Club.

We will be back on tuesday to welcome you.

Meanwhile in the Kitchain

Music: Sir T One

POST ON 29.6.2013

Today the kitchain do-it-yourself meets the first cookers of the 30th edition.

The myterious basket was ready

Waiting in the dark.

You can see, on the picture above, only few ingredients of the basket. It’s because we want you to discover it by yourselves and  cook something great with fresh, bio and local products.

Tonight the first group was very inspired, they prepared a flavoured and colored dish.

Which they enjoy accompanied with wine and conversation.

Your turn tomorrow?


At the Belluard there is no need of bridge because there is an unsinkable paper boat.

We are waiting for you.

POST ON 29.6.2013

The Doors are open for the 30st time! And it’s the beginning of the Big Party. The public discovered the new Kitchain cooking team, and it’s apéro.

Holiday On Stage was the first show of the week, a performance by Martin Schick and Damir Todorovic. Red Carpet rolled out for the artistes…

Everything sunk after that, with the terrific dj set of The Backforwards

Don’t forget to reserve your Kitchenette!

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